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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Immigration Bond?

This is similar to paying a bond for a criminal case, wherein a sum of money is paid to get you or your relative released from imprisonment and placed into the custody of the person who paid the bond.  If the person who was released on bond does not appear at their specified court date, they may be ordered to be deported and the bond that was paid would be forfeited.

What is Cancellation of Removal and Deportation Defense

If you or someone you know is currently in deportation proceedings, we may be able to stop the decoration process by using a process called Cancellation of Removal.


I am married in another country, do I have to go back to that country to get a divorce?

In order to get a divorce what matters is where you currently reside.  As long as you have lived in the state of Kentucky for 6 months or longer you will be able to get a divorce here regardless of where you were married.

What is the difference between Joint and Sole Custody?

This has nothing to do with the visitation and timesharing of the child, the type of custody that is awarded determines the type of decision making input each parent has on major parts of the child's life.  These decision making capabilities include things such as what school the child will attend, if they can leave the country, what kind of religion the child will be involved with, medical treatment, etc.  With Joint Custody BOTH parents must come to an agreement for these major life choices.  With Sole Custody, whoever is awarded this has sole decision making capabilities regarding major life choices for the child and does not have to consult the other parent.